Research Interests

I am a system security researcher, who investigates and develops new techniques targeting the solution of foundational security problems. In recent years, I have focused on making cloud computing (which includes outsourcing data and workloads to external servers / data center) safe for its users. Towards this aim, I use my strong background in theory (cryptography, algorithms, statistics) with my understanding of computer system architecture to design and build deployable systems that are trustworthy from the user's perspective.

My general interests are in computer architecture, computer system design, data center infrastructure, cryptology, algorithms and other related fields such as information theory, game theory and machine learning.  My current research focus is well captured in the column " Let's stop trusting software with our sensitive data." For a partial list of my publications, see Google Scholar or .

Professional Experience

2013-present     Associate Professor, ECE Department, University of Connecticut

2013                 Research Scientist, MIT CSAIL

2010-2012         Research Scientist, RSA Laboratories

2005-2010         Research Scientist, MIT CSAIL

2001-2004         Visiting Scientist from Philips Research, MIT CSAIL

1996-2001         Research Scientist, Philips Research Laboratories

1996                 Research Associate, Chinese University of Hong Kong


Eindhoven University of Technology, MS in Computer Science, August 1991

Eindhoven University of Technology, MS in Mathematics, April 1993

Eindhoven University of Technology, PhD in Mathematics, December 1997

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